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Curriculum ::: Munique Neith

Munique Neith is considered a Superstar in the Oriental Dance. She is Brazilian of Arabic descent and one of the most prestigious master and bellydancers in the world.

Known by her didactical skill, unique style and her elegant dance, she travelled
around the world teaching and performing bellydancing in international festival in countries like  USA, Egypt, Morooco,Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France,Czech Republic , Mozambique, Germany, Venezuela, Mexico,Chile, Poland, Spain and more

Actually, she lives in Barcelona (Spain) and she is the first master owner of two Oriental Dance Schools in the country with more than 800 students and the biggest school in Europe exclusively for bellydancing. As a Master teacher, she gives regular classes at her school, professional courses for teachers (in Barcelona, Portugal, Germany and Mexico) and she is the resposible in the training of many actual recognized belly dancers in Spain and around the world.

Munique Neith is also the organizer of the prestiogious International Oriental Dance Festival “Egypt in Barcelona”, that join together every year he best teachers and dancers from the five continents.


Comments about Munique Neith on the Press

By Laura Muñoz ( about the performance From Cairo to Bagdag

“Without any doubt, Munique Neith was the one giving sensuality to the moment with her bellydance movements. With the daintiness of her moves, her beauty, the harmony of her body and her spectacular wardrobe she attracted all the glances. Bellydance filled with magic Luz de Gas hall.”


By the Bellydancer Lulu Sabongi (translation of the text published in her web page

“Keep her name: Munique Neith, she has opened her second academy in Barcelona; she is becoming an iconic figure in the Spanish Bellydance world and, what is more, with only five years of experience in the market of this country. Josi in Iceland, Munique Neith in Spain, Kareema in Germany, Serena in England; all of them brasilian dancers that take our talent and warmth around the world. And we shouldn’t forget Soraia in Cairo.”


By Cristina Cancela and Marga Gómez (about her performance in the International Festival in Madrid)

“Munique Neith got on with the public in a wonderful way. Her charm and the elegance of her dance were a great gift, we can conclude saying that we missed more interventions of this brasilian dancer”


By Yolanda Vila and about the performance From Cairo to Bagdag

“…the guest dancer was Munique Neith who made the public fell in love with her smile. She did great: the respect of the musicians (we could see the music through her movements). The Khaligi dance and the drum solo with Khamis (very natural!) are to be highlighted. We all notice when a musician is comfotable with a dancer and this is what happened with her and Khamis.

The attitued of complicity between them was also transmited to the public (more than 650 people…).”



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